Isolated Landscapes

This series of work is the landscape around Nemuro, Hokkaido, at the upper end of Japan and east of Asia.
In this place the severe cold, sometimes violent and sometimes whispering in waves, pierces your skin. You encounter flying seabirds, deep mists, stormy winds, indigenous people, war history and signs of people who lived in the past.
The flow of loneliness dominates here. No one can hear you even if you yell. Here, one even forgets about the notion of time. Loneliness generally generates a negative image, but in this place, it is never so. There exists a quiet, luxurious and extraordinary life that cannot be disturbed by the contemporary way of life.
The landscape that spreads out in front is the antithesis of the busy modern life  and acts to soothe my soul. It allows me to push the crowds out of my mind and live every minute of my life to the full.
Isolated Landscapes / 孤独の風景」は日本の、そしてアジアの東の果て、北海道根室周辺の風景を撮影したものです。

Quiet Delight: Hokkaido

I was charmed by Hokkaido and migrated there.
This work was made after I arrived there.
Hokkaido has four distinct seasons.
I travel around in Hokkaido by car.
I take photographs in places where there is water, greenery, snow and so on.
This scenery is called My Secret Hokkaido.
It is a quiet delight for me.

My Second Graduation Trip

In 2015, I celebrated the greatest turning point in the 48 years of my life.
That happened when I moved from Tokyo to Hokkaido.
This was a graduation for me from life as I knew it up to now. My environment and my work are different now. I said farewell to friends and people whom with I have been involved. I now walk in a different world.
I decided to celebrate this life change by traveling to Europe. These photographs were taken on that “Graduation Trip” like the one that I took after graduating from the university. This was a journey that could only be made at that point in my life. These photographs could only be taken at that moment and no other in my life.
The dark cold spring light that I experienced might imply the invisible path of my new life.


In "Timeless", I present scenery from a car window where time and space is compressed.
Life is often compared to a journey. As life has no final destination, there is no final destination for a journey either. The process goes on and on infinitely. We think we have reached a destination only to find it is a pass point and a destination is somewhere else.
Through this series, I tried to compress not only time and space but also the process and distance which emerged along the way. The resulting images look like "warp" from a science fiction movie, or "Teleportation Door" from a comic book.
The modern society is called "a dog year" and it passes with enormous speed. We are almost drawn in a sea of information. Besides, no one seems to know what is right or wrong. We feel as if we were advancing in a permanent gray zone.
I express such atmosphere in the gray scale of my photographs. On the other hand, the intensity running though the imagery derives from a determination to live through beyond time and space under any circumstances.

Quiet Delight: Scotland

The charm of Scotch whisky comes from its diversity and fertile complication. Why was such whisky a particular flavor produced, and drank? I’ve traveled around Scotland numerous times, holding those questions. As I understood more about the climate by experience, I started to deeply understand the origin of whisky.
When I look at the photographs taken by Coju, it feels like if I can smell the air of the filming location with the sound of the wind running through the body. It is quite a pleasure to drink Scotch in the open air. And it must be the same with looking at Coju’s photography and drinking as well.

Whisky Critic, Hideo Yamaoka




These are early works taken between 1998 and 2009.