resume of Coju Hemmi Photography


  Coju Hemmi (ヘンミコージュ 逸見光寿)
  born 1967 in Tokyo, Japan.

■Solo Exhibition

 “Quiet Delight” Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 2012
 “quiet delight : departure” Gallery Maison D'Art, Osaka, Japan. 2010

■Group Exhibition

 “Photographic Art Asia” Gallery 5610, Tokyo, Japan. 2018
 “Art Photography Asia” Promo-arte gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 2016
 “Art Photography Asia” Promo-arte gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 2015
 “Art Photography Asia” Atelier Kasuga, Shizuoka, Japan. 2014
 “De Paris” Gallery Maison D'Art, Osaka, Japan. 2012
 “The Pencil of Light” Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 2011
 “Chic Art Fair” La Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris, France. 2010
 “Silent Monochrome” Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 2010
 “Tokyo Lifestyle Photo” Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan. 2010
 “Ma Chanson Favorite” E-ma, Osaka, Japan. 2010
 “Pure Photography +Plus” Tanto Tempo, Kobe, Japan. 2009

■Artist Statement

The clouds and breeze, the shapes of people, float and flow by in ripples. The road disappears into the distance. What a connection lies between travel and life itself. Places, situations, even the lingering afterglow of that which is passed, beauty lies hidden there. A quiet delight.
These things fill me with an urge that I cannot describe.

My childhood was spent all over Japan due to my father’s work. That experience no doubt instilled upon me the notion of life as journey, and leads me even now to new, unknown places.

First came travel by bicycle. I was excited by the new terrain available to me over distances hitherto unreachable on foot. Even a trip to the next village nearby had the taste of adventure. And then boarding my first train the whole of Japan became a destination. The sights and scenes that filled these journeys eventually led me to the photograph.
Adulthood brought me to the automobile. I came to enjoy traveling by car in and of itself, and my destinations grew to overseas ones.

There is a Japanese saying “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur”. Originating from the tea ceremony tradition, I believe it wonderfully captures the aesthetic sensibility and spirituality of the Japanese.
The reverence of nature, viewing the cherry blossoms, the ripples across a pond. The contemplation of transience, the impermanence of this world. Purity of mind. The samurai spirit. The compassion inherent in a Japanese heart...
My ancestors wrote poetry as they traveled. I take photos of my journeys, for the sake of that moment that will never come again.

Coju Hemmi

流れゆく雲や風、さざ波、あるいは人影。 そして、どこまでも続く道。